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Beijing to move polluting radio, TV masts from downtown

Beijing will move four radio and TV masts to new sites in the next five years to reduce downtown radiation pollution, according to a municipal environmental protection official.
Two China National Radio towers and a Beijing Radio mast in Chaoyang District, as well as a backup China Central TV tower in Yuetan Park, will all be moved, said Du Shaozhong, deputy director of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.
"Electromagnetic radiation from the four towers is within limits, but they represent too high an electromagnetic radiation risk for densely-populated nearby residential areas," said Du.
Du did not say where the four masts would be relocated.
In the next five years, Beijing will impose strict environmental protection requirements on the location of new electromagnetic radiation facilities, according to Du.
The capital would also deal with other polluting emission masts, relocating them as necessary, Du said.
A radioactive waste storehouse in the suburbs of Beijing will soon be completed and commissioned, according to Du.

Expert comment:
Electromagnetic radiation pollution can harm the human body in a number of ways. As well as discomfort like headaches, it can even lead to fetal anomalies with prolonged exposure, so this is an important issue.
The number of sources of electromagnetic radiation is burgeoning, and people have been surrounded by various kinds of masts operating at different frequencies. We have to revise current safety standards, and draft new regulations to protect the environment and safeguard people's health. - Wang Xiaomo, Chinese Academy of Engineering


杜氏は言いました。 杜氏は、4基の電波塔をどこに移設するかは明言を避けました。
電磁波汚染は、多くの方法で人体に害を及ぼします。 頭痛のような不快感と同様に長期の被曝により
種類の電波塔によって囲まれています。 私たちは、現在の安全基準を改訂して、環境を保護し